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My background

"Property has always been my passion..."                               

My dear mother was Canadian, my gentle father South African. They met in Perugia, Italy during the Second World War. At that time, my mother was a Canadian Nurse and my father a South African Fighter pilot. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.
My first visit to Canada was over 30 years ago when my wife, Jacqui and I came to Vancouver to meet my mother’s family. On that very first visit, Jacqui and I agreed - “Someday, we didn’t know how, we didn’t know when, but we WERE going to live in Canada!!!” 10 years later we had made the move and Canada has been "home" to us and our family for 24 years. We “know” we made the right choice and truly believe that Canada is the finest country in the world!
Before becoming a Realtor, I was a Commercial Airline pilot for many years. Initially I was flying with South African Airways, followed by 10 enjoyable years with CANADA 3000 Airlines and the last 9 years of my flying career were spent in Asia flying for KOREAN AIR operating out of Seoul, Korea. In my extensive travels, New Zealand remains the one destination I have not yet been to, but would love to visit.

My interest in Real Estate began In South Africa. During my time off between overseas flights, I built my own home. Like all young couples, when we got married we had no money, so we built our house in stages. We started by building the garage area first. One half was our lounge, the other side the dining room. It grew into a very "special home" as it was built on a rocky outcrop with a stream meandering through the property and a commanding view of the city of Johannesburg through the valley. The interior was quite different with a sunken bar and exposed rock as a feature in the house. There was also an internal courtyard where birds flew freely and the last touch was an elevated platform beside the house with an embedded swimming pool.
                    This is how I spent my "days off" from flying - Isn't that sky beautiful ......             
                                                                          The finished product         
We wanted to have the pool next to the house, so we built a retainer wall and "backfilled the area" with truckloads of earth to create this rec. space.

All this, led me to establishing my own Home Construction Company and subsequently buying, selling and renovating homes became a major part of our lives particularly when we came to Canada.  The experience of all those years in the home industry both overseas and in Canada, has benefited me tremendously in Real Estate.

Let my expertise be of assistance to you when you buy or sell a property. I will share my knowledge with you, and gladly share ideas on how to improve, renovate or re-model your home to make it more enjoyable for you and your family. This will add value to your home and the "rewards" will come to you when its time to sell again.
Should you be a buyer, my keen eye for structural change possibilities can help you transform your new purchase into the "dream home" you have been longing to have.            
My elder daughter, Wendy designs my business cards and websites. My younger daughter Vanessa, is a Realtor with Prudential Sussex in North Vancouver, so “the father and daughters' team” look forward to assisting YOU achieve your personal property goals. 
West Vancouver Real Estate - Dane Human - Buy, sell homes, houses, North Vancouver, North Shore, B.C.